Monday, January 5, 2009

Connie Fogal on The Alex Jones Show "Canadian Martial Law"

The picture in this video made by "The Alex Jones Show" shows a member of Kitchener 911 truth and Connie Fogal at the SPP protest in Montebello, Quebec, Canada.
Part 1
Part 2
If you have not viewed the police at the protest trying it start a riot by acting as rebelious protesters go on you-tube or Google "cops, montebello".

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Crazy for Canada said...

Re: Connie Fogal on The Alex Jones Show:

Alex says:

"Just to let you know who Connie Fogal is. She's a great lady. She's a former leader of the Canadian Action Party, a lawyer and former teacher, Fogal lives in Vancouver, British Columbia where her late husband, Harry Rankin, was a long-time "progressive" City Councillor. She's an anti-globalization activist an was an opponent of the Multi-Trilateral Agreement on Investment for the North American Free Trade Agreement. She has also been active with the Canadian Liberty Committee and it goes on and on... [Alex to Fogal:] we're pleased to have you here."

Q.: Huh ???

Go here: "10275984/folder/81273" for a folder of articles attesting that:

(i) Harry Rankin was a pro-Soviet Communist,

(ii) the Soviet communist anthem was sung at Rankin's 2002 funeral,

(iii) Rankin & Connie sat on the only Communist municipal party in Vancouver (C.O.P.E.),

(iv) Rankin LIED about being Communist in order to take the oath to come to the Bar and practise as a LAWYER when Communists are denied this right by law because they cannot take a valid oath of allegiance;

(v) Connie is "just like" her late husband, i.e. a COMMUNIST. Communists do not fight for the sovereignty of nations.

Q.: Why has Alex Jones NOT "discovered" that Fogal and Rankin are COMMUNISTS? Why does he mask them as "progressive"?

Go here: for a "reality as spoof" on the Canadian Action Party (CAP) based entirely on the truth that:

(i) CAP President, Paul Kemp, is a GLOBALIST who teaches and practices a globalist religion seeking a theocratic world government for the earth in a federation of planets;

(ii) Kemp's good friend, Lt. Col. Don Ware, believes he channels messages from aliens to the U.S. military and that humans are being hybridized with aliens to create better bodies for their souls;

(iii) CAP founder Paul Hellyer claims to know that aliens "wanted to help us" when they first came to earth decades ago;

(iv) Connie Fogal and late husband Rankin are Soviet Communists;

(v) recent former leader Andrew J. Moulden, in correspondence to CAP Executive members, declares that he wants to be the "King" of the "New World Order". He has since defected to the highly conservative Christian Heritage Party.


Q.: Why does Alex Jones present Connie Fogal and Harry Rankin as "progressives" instead of as the hard-core Soviet Communists that they are?

Q.: Why does Alex Jones NOT KNOW that the people behind the Canadian Action Party are THEOCRATIC GLOBALISTS teaching the Urantia book that was "channeled" by a member of the Skull & Bones family (Kellog) between 1912 and 1952?

Q.: Is Alex Jones a researcher, OR is he not?

Q.: Is Alex Jones an anti-globalist, OR is he not?



Canadian Action Party (CAP) is run by Communists and Urantia globalists!

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