Tuesday, April 7, 2009

RIP Official 9/11 Story

So red chip paper is out, that proves that not only was there enough high-tech superthermite in the WTC towers to demolish them but there was some left over! No wonder some leaked out!
So either Osama Bin Laden had a high-tech weapons lab in his cave in Afghanistan and his Al-Qaeda elites happened to be controlled demolition experts with unrestricted access to three of the most secure buildings in America or the official story is a complete fraud.
I wonder what those reptiles at the Nanothermite Institute of Scumbags and Traitors are thinking right now...
I've uploaded a copy to rapidshare. Spread it around!
3 Essays on 9/11 Research about the discovery:
Visibility911 audio interviews with Kevin Ryan & Stephen Jones about the paper:

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